“I have worked with Jenny, both in person and remotely, and find her gifts of connection and healing to be amazing.  Her ability to use a variety of modalities, from oils and tuning forks to personal guided meditations, is a real plus.  She has studied these in depth, and can use them on an individual or group basis to help you heal and relax into yourself.  She draws you to that place of love and light that is ever so necessary to make forward progress on your life path.”  – Helen


A wonderfully capable, perfectly attuned and deeply willing archangel healer

“Another client of mine was crying with the effect of jenny’s healing on her, so strong and deeply felt… If you’re on the East Coast, google Jenny Bell healing and go see her for a session.  If you feel nothing and nothing happens I will do your session myself.”  – Jodie Archer (Writer, Speaker, Medium, and Channel of Archangels)