All services can be performed in person or remotely, with the exception of the Wholeness Blessing which must be hands on.  Fee for first visit (typically 90 minutes) is $124.  Subsequent visits are $89.  All major credit cards accepted.  Contact me by phone (864-384-6049) or email: to schedule your appointment.

Please contact me to discuss unique circumstances.

Chakra Clearing and Balancing:

Chakras are the energy centers of your body.  Chakras are connected to your meridians and all parts of your body.  When they are clear and balanced you have high energy and you are able to imagine, achieve, create, enjoy healthy relationships, and feel the goodness of a happy life.

Your energy system is affected by everything around you as well as your response to what you experience.  As you live your life, your energy system holds the effect of the negative things you see and feel, including stress.

When your chakra system is either blocked or imbalanced your life experiences are problematic on one or more dimensions – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or financial.

Golden Ray Healing:

Golden Ray is energy from the Creator or Source.  Healing occurs on many levels – spiritual, mental, physical, and certainly in your higher soul.

Your session will begin with balancing 12 chakras to enable energy to flow more freely.  In sacred space I will become a channel for energy to move through you.

You will be given time to process the experience.

Typical session length is 90 minutes.

Quantum Touch:

Healing touch is one of the oldest forms of healing.  Using breathing techniques to increase flow, energy is used to reduce pain and target specific physical complaints.

Quantum touch can be done by anyone who is interested in learning.  If desired, I can provide you with basic instruction in the technique and a reference source to use in mastering this important tool.  You can begin to improve the way you feel as well as become empowered to help others, even your pets!

Wholeness Blessing:

The Wholeness Blessing is a gift from our creator Source, through Archangel Michael.  This blessing is given to be shared with all of mankind to awaken us to our true selves.  It restores us to a state of alignment with our creator so that we are whole in body, mind, and spirit.  There is never any cost to you or any recipient of the Wholeness Blessing.  It is simply a gift of restoration to you.

People who have received the Wholeness Blessing have described various experiences including: a sense of having a heavy weight lifted from them, deep relaxation, and a sudden and profound sense of love and “connection”.  Individuals have experienced immediate physical healing.  Some have had a new job offer in a few days!  Others will manifest more in their daily lives by receiving the Wholeness Blessing more than once.  Each time you receive it you grow.

As each of us grow and share our divine light, the energy of the earth changes.  We are creating our future and illuminating the earth with love.

The Wholeness Blessing is often offered in conjunction with other services as my gift to you.  However, you can choose to raise your vibration and learn to provide the Wholeness Blessing to others in a separate interactive class session.

We can bring in more light – faster – together.  We are all one.

Healing Tools