Jenny Bell


To lighten your way.

My Story:

My earliest memories are of being surrounded by so much joy.  I was born into a large, extended family.  I remember my grandmother’s flower garden, my dad’s huge vegetable garden, dogs, cats, and lots of love.  My family was not wealthy monetarily, but in the stuff that really matters – it was wonderful to be a little girl in my family.  Sadly, much changed in my formative years.

Death came to many of those loved ones in a span of just a few years.  I can remember 13 deaths before I finished my teen years.  The deceased included my father, grand-parents, aunts, uncles, and a beautiful young cousin.  Holidays full of extended family just didn’t happen anymore.

I learned how to bury pain and march forward.

As a teenager and young adult I made some impulsive and poor decisions.  Each brought consequences and scars.

I learned how to raise children as a single mother and focus on “getting it done”.  I experienced success in the business world, and thoroughly enjoyed being a Mom.  There were and are beautiful and loving friends and family that I will forever be grateful for. However, I reached a point where I was just too tired.  My children were grown and I felt “done”.

I wasn’t sad,  I was tired and I wanted to go home.  Life was just such hard work!  Fortunately I realized I did not want to die.  What I really wanted was to be happy and to feel like whether I came or went mattered.  And it needed to matter to me enough to be worth the effort.

I needed a new life, and had no clue where to look, or what that meant.  What a fascinating journey that has become!

Our Creator is unconditional love.  Miracles happen.  When you are doing what you were born to do, miracles become a part of your life.   You expect them!

You can be whole and joyful.  It is your birthright.



With Love and Light,

Jenny Bell